Dental Care Trip

denti8Do you need to submit to a dental work and you want to go in a dental clinic abroad, in which to perform the surgery in the short term and in particular in health care costs?


We organize our resources with a service of transfert to the clinic for groups more or less numerous, allowing you to run the whole day, starting early in the morning and return in the evening. This service is generally organized on request.


Generally to take advantage of this service simply contact us via the quote form or via telephone. Reached a sufficient number of customers we plan the day and travel arrangements.

If you are undecided, please contact that will try to provide all the information needed to make a decision.

Periodically publish notices of the trips we plan to organize groups to organize and if you wish to participate please see the events calendar.

Denti6Once adhered to the trip, we will provide the morning of the day of travel to reach you at your home and take you to the clinic on board our VIP-Car with 7 seats equipped with all comforts to let you relax and rest during the trip.

The trip usually takes about 5 hours during which you will not have to worry about driving, but only if you want to rest and converse with other people present.

clinicaArrived at the clinic we leave in the hands of highly skilled and qualified dentists who will by giving you proper care. The clinic will allow you to perform various performance directly in the same building without having to move around the city, as otherwise would happen if you tried a similar service here in Italy.

 In the late afternoon, when the dental services have been completed will drive you back to your home.


The advantage of this service is:

  • Starting in the morning without having to worry about the trip
  • receive all the dental care you need in one place without having to move
  • In the evening return safely to their home
  • of course, all this in a single day, and of course saving money and time compared to a similar service in Italy.




Do not forget to download and print the little reminder summarized with our services and our contact details.