Services and Solutions

To your desired amount required, we will meet with our various solutions.

taxi24 Hours Taxi

You are in having to reach a destination and you do not have available a vehicle or a friend who helps you by giving you a lift?

You are traveling and you can not reach your destination due to a failure of your vehicle or unfortunately miss a connecting public transport and do not know how to get home?

We want to let people know that we are always at your disposal at any time of the day, providing an efficient taxi service, because we know that your schedule are important and priority.


Airport Transferstrasferimenti

Let's say you want to come to visit the beautiful places of Trentino, but do not want to reach these places with your car avoiding a long and stressful trip?

The solution we offer is to come up with one of our vehicles to pick you up directly at your arrival airport and drive you directly to your hotel or residence in comfort and pure relaxation.


Safety output to discos and night clubsdiscoteche

Do you want to organize an evening with your friends and acquaintances, perhaps to celebrate a special event like a birthday, but you're afraid for the distance of the restaurant?

This time we offer you an even more specific you reach to your doorstep and through the use of our VIP car or our bus to escort you together with your friends all night. This suggest the solution for your nights because so you can get out to celebrate without worrying about drinking alcohol or richiare fell asleep from exhaustion to return home.



Do you want to organize a group of friends on a journey to visit the beautiful Italian city or one of the many excellent resorts in Trentino?

We propose to travel with our vehicles so that we can offer suitable bus to travel in comfort and highway routes that more tortuous in maximum comfort.



Vip Carvipcar

Do you have a special occasion and want to spend it with your loved ones in the most unique way possible aboard a special vehicle?

We recommend a trip with our VIP Car that the maximum exclusivity of the interior and the option will take you along your journey. You will feel on board a modern limousine.


Bike Busbici

Want to organize a vacation in mountain bike with your friends to visit the mountain, but you want the evening to return to the comfort of your room without fear of being too tired to go back?

We propose to use our resources to bear the cart for transporting bikes that allows you to get away too much from your home for your excursions to come back and sit comfortably.


Trips for dental caredenti

Do you need to submit to a dental work and you want to go in a dental clinic abroad, in which to perform the surgery in the short term and in particular in health care costs?

We organize our means a service of transfer rate to the clinic for groups of more or less numerous, allowing you to run the whole day, starting early in the morning and return in the evening. This service is generally organized on request.


Service for skiers. SkiBusskibus

You are on vacation and want to stay during your course skiing in the number of ski resorts in the area?

In accordance with local organizations provide a shuttle service that takes you directly from the square of your country directly on the ski slopes allowing guests to enjoy the full day at leisure.