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Every Friday Trip to Dental Clinic

Every Friday we are organizing a day trip to the dental clinic in Rijeka, Croatia.

denti7At this clinic you can perform all dental procedures available in Italy, but at a much lower cost and in a short time that make this service an opportunity not to be underestimated.

The trip is planned early morning departure with destination the clinic and return in the evening enabling them to make the entire trip in one dayclinica.





As a means we planned to use our VipCar that allows you to travel in absolute comfort because it offers 7 seats, so as to have the space to be able to communicate with other travelers to relax waiting to arrive at your destination.



The road trip has a duration of approximately 5 + 5 hours round trip and is performed mainly during the first hours of the day and late into the evening to leave you, once they arrive in Rijeka, you can perform calmly your activities at the clinic and to be able to visit some small glimpse of the city.






In order not to miss the opportunity to take care of your teeth at reasonable cost and in a short time, contact us by filling out the contact form or directly by phone.


Do not forget to download and print the little reminder summarized with our services and our contact detailsDentiSmall